Key Milestones

  • November 9, GR Workshop – More Than a Meeting: How to get decision makers to support your issueBlog and Video
  • November 30, Resilient and Connected Communities: Looking Back. Moving Forward.Blog and Video
  • September 9, Leadership Frame of Mind Workshop by Darla Campbell – Blog and Video
  • September 14, Fourth CCA-SJT Project Steering Committee
  • September 15, Lessons Learned, Purpose Focused Entrepreneurs by Wen Jie Li, Yasmin Glanville, Patrick Gossage and Paola Ruis – Blog and Video
  • September 23, Climate Impacts, Buildings Workshop (the first of two) with building/energy stakeholders, mentees, Dr Alec Hay, led by Stantec – Blog and Video
  • August 12, Government Relations Workshop by Aidan Grove-White – Blog and Video
  • August 18, Job Search Workshop by Madelyn Webb
  • August 26, Workshop for Mentors hosted by Woodgreen
  • August 27, Launched CCA Knowledge Hub
  • July 6, Final Ambassador Climate Action TrainingBlog and Video
  • July 12, Retrospectives and Summary Report
  • July 19, Launched CCA Mentoring Program

In three sessions over five weeks during June and July 2021, the Climate Ambassador Training Program delved into the social, economic, and environmental issues facing St James Town that relate to climate. The 19 Ambassadors were given skills development training in project design/management, sustainable resident strategies, and resiliency best practices. They were also given insights into relevant Climate Change solutions and technical innovations for hi-rise communities.

  • June 8, First Climate Action Ambassador TrainingBlog and Video
  • June 15, Second CCA-SJT Project Steering Committee
  • June 22, Ambassador Training RoundupBlog

On May 4th, 2021, the first CCA Steering Committee took place. During this meeting, the outlines and aims for the CCA project’s focus in St James Town were presented, including the now-completed Training Program for the Climate Action Ambassadors.

  • May 4, Launched CCA-SJT Project Steering Committee
  • May 18, Kick off Community Climate Action in SJT ForumBlog, Summary and Video
  • May 20, Launched 3-part Climate Action Ambassador Training Workshops