Community Climate Action Playbook

Playbook Synopsis

“The Community Climate Action project in St. James Town provides an example of what can be possible for other communities when diversity is celebrated, collaboration is prioritized, and creativity is welcomed. Take a journey with Rethink Sustainability Initiatives’ (RSI) multidisciplinary team who, together with Toronto’s St. James Town (SJT), collaborated on a plan to act on climate change.

As Canada’s most dense high-rise community, SJT is home to thousands of immigrants and economically challenged people who demonstrate how climate change action and meeting every day essential needs are not only complementary, but also inspire new solutions.

The task of climate change action is a global responsibility and can seem insurmountable. But as this Playbook shows, new solutions are possible at all scales; especially if the people affected by climate change day-to-day are engaged to help develop solutions and put them into action. This Playbook captures how SJT’s residents intend to accomplish this, how outside experts and inside stakeholders can work together and inspire each other, and how to engage governments and funders through practical solutions.

It’s a journey. The SJT journey is the beginning for one community. It is RSI’s hope that this Playbook will inspire others to look at their own neighbourhoods as opportunities for climate change action too. Even though climate change is global, its best solutions are often local. So, let’s begin to reimagine a preferred future together where community climate action can become the norm.”

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