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Gratitude from RSI for being a Climate Action Speaker!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of RSI, I wish to thank you for sharing your wisdom as a guest speaker at one of our 3-part CCA-SJT Climate Action Ambassador workshops during June-July 2021. The Ambassadors gained a great deal from your presentations and you have motivated them to learn more in the future. 

ERA – Graeme Stuart and Ya’el Santopinto,  

Graeme, as a pioneer in Tower Renewal, you are an inspiration to Ambassadors in St. James Town who have been eager to learn more about their housing and how it might be made safer and more comfortable.

Ya’el, your case studies of building retrofits showed the Ambassadors that this work is practical and doable. 


York University – Dr. Rod MacRae

Rod, your work on Canadian Food Policy and the complexity of the food supply chain was an eye-opener for all of us who may not have thought about our food supply until Covid struck. 


St James Town Co-operative – Josephine Grey

Josephine, your commitment to the community over the past 30 years and residents’ food security in Covid time demonstrates a dedication that is rare and an inspiration to others.


TAF – Keith  Burrows and Kaitlin Carroll

Keith, your presentation made the vision of low carbon high-rise buildings a reality to our climate Ambassadors, all of whom are looking forward to the day when their building can be retro-fitted.

Kaitlin, your presentation inspired the Ambassadors toward a vision of a better environment in their St James Town high-rise homes.


Woodgreen – Katerina Salto

Katerina, your introduction to the Mentorship Program offered by Woodgreen showed the Ambassadors that there are people willing to help with their Canadian job search.


Good Energy Partners – Patrick Gossage

Patrick, thank you for addressing the Ambassadors and your leadership as a member of the RSI board.


Michael Seaman, thank you for addressing the Ambassadors and your leadership as a partner with RSI on the CCA project in St James Town.

Yasmin Glanville, thank you for your presentation on stakeholder engagement and leadership as RSI Founder and Project Lead for RSI’s CCA project in St. James Town.

Kim MacLean, thank you for your presentation to the Ambassadors and leadership on Communications for the RSI CCA project in St. James Town.

Kirk Johnson, thank you for your work as the Education Co-Lead on the Climate Ambassadors program and for introducing the innovative project management tools to the curriculum.

Madelyn Webb, thank you for your work as the Education Co-Lead on the Ambassador training and for leading the Mentorship program.

Yatsa Smajovic, thank you for your vital work on web content management and social media for the RSI CCA Ambassador program as part of the CCA project in St. James Town.

Thank you!