CCA Welcomes Summer Students to the Team

Community Climate Action is delighted to welcome our 3 summer students to the team. Over the next few weeks, these bright young minds will be helping CCA achieve its goals related to the Climate Action Ambassadors and elsewhere across the organization.

We happily introduce to you Daniela Bodden, Arashdeep Shergill, and Cara Yu. We asked all three students to tell us, in their own words, what makes them excited about working with CCA.

Daniela said:

“This is an outstanding opportunity to think beyond technical aspects and understand the complex challenges faced by the St James community, and to collaborate in promoting sustainable initiatives that will contribute to the well-being of the residents.”

Arasheep said:

“I am very excited to be working with such experienced and kind-hearted people such as Yasmin, Madelyn, and Kirk. I am looking forward to making St. James Town a better, cleaner, and safer place for all the residents.”

Cara said:

“I’m motivated to advance sustainable development and build resilient communities in underserved areas. The cultural diversity in St. James Town excites me—I cannot wait to hear the residents’ stories and collaborate on an inclusive approach to climate adaptation.”

As the CCA team expands, you can expect to see more updates on upcoming workshops and other events. We’ll be back again soon with more news on the project.

Welcome again to Daniela, Arashdeep, and Cara! The rest of the team looks forward to seeing the amazing things you’re going to do with us this summer.