Events and Activities

Unlocking St James Town Community’s Untapped Talent


September 9 & 15, 4pm to 5:30pm

Why isn’t the wealth of talented people living in St James Town better known to the Toronto business community?

We are working to change this narrative – one person and one group at a time.

As part of RSI’s climate action project in St James Town, we have connected with hundreds of talented and highly credentialed leaders and experts from a multitude of disciplines and sectors who are seeking:

  • Business Mentors
  • Employment
  • Advice on launching their own business enterprise
  • Opportunities to present best practice products and solutions to prospective customers/investors

The Green Economy: Connecting climate change and jobs

Climate change, evidenced by extreme weather events, combined with the global COVID-19 pandemic – impacts everything, everyone, everywhere. This includes St. James Town Community in Toronto. To support the goal of unlocking and promoting the talents of SJT residents and organizations, we launched a series of action learning ambassador workshops, coaching, and a mentoring program for individuals and project teams.

We are hosting two action learning webinars – led by experienced leaders in a diversity of fields and business sectors. Each of them incorporates social, economic and environmental purposes in their core business DNA.

Register today for one or both of the following FREE webinars as soon as you can. Space is limited to 36 participants each! 

Register today for one or both of the following FREE webinars as soon as you can. Space is limited to 36 participants each! 

Leadership Frame of Mind: Different ways of leading in today’s changing climate

September 9th, 4pm to 5:30pm

With a Leadership Frame of Mind, effective leaders are not only able to connect with individuals to increase engagement and retention, but they are also able to build loyalty and gain commitment from their employees.

What you will learn:  

  • Five myths of leadership
  • Key behaviours of an effective leader
  • Tips to enhance inclusiveness in your team and your organization
  • Identify subtle acts of exclusion that hold you back from an inclusive culture
  • How to apply a Leadership Frame of Mind to increase your effectiveness as a leader in today’s changing climate.

Workshop Format

Presentation with facilitated breakout rooms on key topics.  Participants will self-select which topic to engage in and explore further in an interactive small group setting.

Key Speaker

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P – RSI Board Chair and Sustainability and Asset Management Lead, Dillon Consulting Limited

Lessons Learned from Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

September 15th, 4pm to 5:30pm

If you are seeking advice on what inspires people to become entrepreneurs, how to create, transform or grow a business, this workshop is a good place to start. Collectively our expert  panelists have worked in over ten countries as both entrepreneurs and employees/advisors to private, public and NFP organizations and communities, with a common focus on Doing Business to drive social and environmental purposes.

What you will learn:

  • Why people become entrepreneurs vs. being employed by another company
  • Key lessons learned from entrepreneurs
  • Bonus:  Registered Participants will receive followup summary report

Workshop Format

A facilitated exchange of insights from four entrepreneurs.

Key Speakers

  • Paola Ruiz: Founder and CEO Strategy Advisory Solutions Inc
  • Wen Li: Co-founder, SustainED Group
  • Patrick Gossage: RSI Board Secretary and Co-founder, Good Energy Partners
  • Yasmin Glanville: RSI Founder, CCA-SJT lead and President and Chief Strategist, CTR Inc.

If you have any questions about these webinars, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. In the meantime, we hope that you stay safe, and look forward to seeing you on September 9th and 15th!